Tools and Resources to Help You Grow Your Wedding Industry Business


  1. Business Coaching
    Business Coaching
    Doing what you love for your career is one of the best feelings! Learning how to do what you love smarter so you can grow your business to it's true potential and have the time to spend with your loved ones is an even better feeling! Angela can show you the ins and outs of growing business from setting up your business legally to developing a business and marketing plan that will help you grow! She can show you which tools will help you work faster and easier so you can spend more time doing what you love than on the tedious tasks that are part of any business. Her specialty is how to set up multiple revenue streams within your current business model so you have more income potential.
  2. Advertising
    Reaching new customer leads can be one of the most difficult and expensive parts of running a business. Finding the right people to send your message to and how to reach them can be frustrating. The Kansas City Bridal Group Website has several opportunities for you to advertise your business such as an ad in the Beautiful Brides Wedding Guide Magazine, having your video commercials on their YouTube channel, having a booth at one of their Bridal Shows, or even having them send an email blast out to our bridal list about your business. The best though, is the ability to network with other wedding professionals in their networking groups to build relationships and increase regular customer referrals.
  3. Networking
    Networking is one of the things that any smart business owner does. Networking helps you meet other business professionals and build relationships that can help your business take off! We provide a list of local networking groups for free to help you grow your business. Of course, we highly recommend the Kansas City Bridal Group's networking locations! There are lots of great groups in the area. Some specialize in certain fields, some are open to all industries, some are industry inclusive while others aren't, some are for female or black business owners only, and some are open to everyone. Our recommendation is to try several out then settle in to the groups that you feel are the best fit for you and your business!
  4. Business Tips
    Business Tips
    Each week in our networking meetings we provide a business tip to help you grow your business faster. We work on things like sales strategies, incorporating new revenue streams, marketing, and much more. We discuss how the the tip applies to your business. If you aren't able to attend one of the meetings you can download the tips from here. If you have any questions about how to apply any of the information to your business please email us at [email protected]
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  1. Hootsuite
    Social Media Marketing is almost a necessary part of any business marketing strategy now. So many millenials find information about businesses online now. Keeping up with posting on all of the different types of social media with the frequency you should can take away valuable time from working on other parts of your business. The solution is to use a social media dashboard. This is a program you can log into and have all your social media accounts in one place! You can even schedule posts to go out when you want them to and respond to comments people make on your posts! Hootsuite is a great social media dashboard that will make keeping up with your social media marketing easier and faster!
  2. Photo Stamps
    Photo Stamps
    You want your business brand to be seen as much as possible. A fun way to do that is to put your business logo and information on a mailing stamp! Yes, this is possible with Photo Stamps! Just click on the link, create your stamp, and have another fantastic way to brand your business! PhotoStamps are available on convenient sheets of 20. Need PhotoStamps for direct mail? No problem. They supply PhotoStamps on production rolls for all your high-volume mailing needs. Their rolls have a standard 3" core and are compatible with most industry standard tabbing equipment.
  3. Contactually
    One of the hardest things of running a business is managing your customer contact list. A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) program is your best resource for this. Contactually allows you to set up customer contacts and leads in different customer segments. You can set up different contact programs including how often you will reach out to them and in which ways (email, phone, etc) and contactally will remind you. You can even put your notes in of each customer so you can remember your previous conversations and personal information about each customer. Contactually integrates with your email and MailChimp.
  4. Mail chimp
    Mail chimp
    Email marketing should be part of your regular marketing mix to help both grow your business by adding new customers, and by increasing your repeat sales from current customers. Mailchimp allows you to set up email lists for different customer segments and create professional emails. You can add your own photos, links to your website, or purchasing links to your products in the emails. You can even create emails in advance to go out at scheduled times to save you time. Mailchimp integrates with your social media so you can have a link to the email automatically posted on your social media accounts! It also integrates with contactually to keep notes for you of who you emailed, when, and what for.
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