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Kansas City Bridal Group

The Kansas City Bridal Group is a networking of local small business owners in the wedding and special event industries. We host networking meetings, bridal shows, and other events to help you grow your business. 

Build Your Referral Relationships

How Brides Choose Their Wedding Vendors

SEO Challenge

Working together to grow our businesses is what we are all about! Find out more about our member SEO Challenge to help increase each other's rankings. 
Building the relationships you have with other group members is an important thing to do for yourself and your business. 
A #KansasCityBridalGroup member recently asked the question of how Brides choose the vendors they work with and how to get the brides that want good service instead of cheap service. Find out the answer and apply it to your business to see the success!

Be Proud of Your Journey #1

Be Proud of Your Journey #2

Be Proud of Your Journey #3

Life is full of ups and downs. Everyone has difficult things in life to deal with. It is those times that builds our character and gives us our motivation and sense of purpose. 
One of the best things to do when your life journey is in a difficult point is to start doing something you love. Even if it is for a few hours a week doing something you love will allow you to start overcoming the trials you need to so you can fulfill your purpose.
Overcoming hard times in your life is challenging enough. We often feel once we get through it everything is going to be better and easier. In some ways it is, but difficult things always happen. You have to pull yourself up, take care of yourself, and find your purpose through your hard times.