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Mobile Friendly/E-Commerce
Helping Your Clients Achieve their New Year’s Resolutions
It used to be that a website was like an online business card for your business.  It was informative of what you do and was a way for more people to find out about you.  Now there are new ways to use your website to earn extra income with your business.  In fact, it should be part of your revenue streams in your business plan, if it isn’t yet.  To really grow your business to its’ full potential you have to take advantage of all of the ways to grow it – including & especially e-commerce.  If you work for a business you probably have e-commerce options available to you.  If you are building your own business you need to make sure that e-commerce is part of your website.  E-commerce is where people can buy or book from you on-line. This is an essential part of business today since millennials tend to prefer to shop online.  Below are things you need to know about taking advantage of your online presence.
Growing your business takes much more than running a few ads and making some social media posts.  The more you can connect with your current clients, the more they will help you grow whether it is from booking you again, or referring you to people they know.  People work with people – they busy from people.  They want to work with and buy from people that are interested and care about them.  Building relationships with your clients is the best way to gain their loyalty.  This is a great time of year to strengthen your relationship with current clients by helping them achieve their New Year’s Resolutions. When you become part of their success, they want to become part of yours.  
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Using Engaging Content to Make Sales         
Reputation/Brand Management
Every business owner is looking for new ways to reach more potential clients and closing more sales.  There are lots of ways to advertise your business, but nearly all of them cost money.  When you are a small business or just starting out it can be difficult to have the money to use a lot of paid advertising.  This is where a method called “content marketing” can help.  Content marketing is where a business shares information – or content – related to their business to potential customers for free to interest them to find out more about your business.  
The reputation you build for your business will mean will be a big factor in the long-term success or failure for your business.  We all have heard stories of businesses that collapsed because they lost the trust of consumers.  It is important to build trust and confidence with your customers, provide quality products, and excellent customer service.  Customers will have more loyalty to your company, be willing to pay higher prices for the same items, and refer your business to their friends and family members.  Below are things important to know about building and managing your reputation.
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